The Art and Pony Show

When I painted my first pony with my beloved crow on his back, I knew my muse was next to me. The idea came in a flash, even the style and subject.

The next two are continuations of the pony family and my muse is still with me. All are on 40 x 40 canvas with prepared surfaces of modeling paste to give great texture. I still have pony ideas, even sketches, to work with and may continue now or do something entirely different to give myself a different challenge, then back to the ponies until my muse moves on. I never know when that will be.

So here are ponies one, two and three and ideas for more prancing in my head, some swimming, some jumping, some at night under moonlight.

I’d love to hear what you think.

Desert Pony
Red Pony
Red Pony
Pony with Foal
Pony with Foal

3 thoughts on “The Art and Pony Show

  1. I viewed your pony paintings at a gallery in downtown St. Petersburg and I thought how wonderful they were. I loved them?

  2. Thank you, Brian. Perhaps you saw the entire collection (five) at Five Deuces Galleria in the Warehouse Arts District at 222 22nd St. South, across from Three Daughters Brewery. Come again to visit. I’m not there often, usually on Art Walk nights and the first weekend of every month when possible.

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