Playing with ideas on Photoshop

Photographing a painting and putting the image into Photoshop to play with different changes and ideas is great fun. It’s also a good way to take a longer look at your work and maybe see something else the original needs. Not enough contrast? Shapes too similar? Colors not working?

I painted the clouds in an abstract manner to make them look somewhat like animals moving across the sky in the wind. In the altered photos they sometimes look almost threatening, sometimes cheerful and festive. Crazy fun .

“Seabreeze” (40 x 40) is just off the easel and I played with it for an hour or so just for fun. Going to black and white brings out contrast values, choosing the posterize filter can sometimes spark an idea for another painting, and all the filters are just fun to look at.

I’ve put a couple of versions here, along with the finished painting. Interesting, don’t you agree?

the original painting
the original painting

Seabreeze4Seabreeze3Seabreeze ink outlineSeabreeze dark strokesSeabreeze2


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