“Black Swan” Wins Top Prize

Black SwanI received notice from The International Society of Acrylic Painters (Florida) that my painting “Black Swan” was awarded first place in the first online annual exhibit.

The award is especially meaningful to me because the juror, Mark Mehaffey in an artist whose work I’ve long admired. His depiction of excitement and movement and color relationships teases the eye.

The title refers to a financial term that describes when something that was thought impossible actually happens. The painting itself uses small collage pieces from newspapers at the time showing sinking stock market, a ticking clock, the push to score high and the increasing pressures on the American economy.

I still have the painting in my studio and it’s calming to look back , remember the fear and¬†know that we survived.

5 thoughts on ““Black Swan” Wins Top Prize

  1. Patton, you are really something, you NEVER cease to amaze me… Big Kudos to you!! Thanks for sharing…
    Yesterday I had a gal come in and hang all of Deuel’s Art and I can’t tell you how happy I feel with her all around me…

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