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Chasing Matisse

Who doesn’t love the work of artist Henri Matisse?

The artist once said “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Perhaps this is what draws so many of us to his work, the joy, the playfulness, the feeling of contentment

I admire the work of countless artists, some of whom are very dark and somber, but who use color and marks to render raw, emotional images that haunt the viewer. But that’s another story for another day.


When I decided to reinterpret a painting I completed years ago, “Girl with Black Dog (above 30 x 40), I was inspired by Matisse to use cheerful patterning so familiar in his work. In his works below, look for the floor patterning, the curly designs on the green table and the music sheet with the apple.





You can find some of these patterns in this new work. Mine are different, but you can recognize similarities. Truthfully, had I just made up my own patterns without looking at his work, probably he would have already used them. The diversity in his patterning seems endless.

Waiting for Henri, 40 x 40
Waiting for Henri, 40 x 40

It was great fun. I wonder what’s next. A big, new white canvas is an exciting thing to behold.

Playing with ideas on Photoshop

Photographing a painting and putting the image into Photoshop to play with different changes and ideas is great fun. It’s also a good way to take a longer look at your work and maybe see something else the original needs. Not enough contrast? Shapes too similar? Colors not working?

I painted the clouds in an abstract manner to make them look somewhat like animals moving across the sky in the wind. In the altered photos they sometimes look almost threatening, sometimes cheerful and festive. Crazy fun .

“Seabreeze” (40 x 40) is just off the easel and I played with it for an hour or so just for fun. Going to black and white brings out contrast values, choosing the posterize filter can sometimes spark an idea for another painting, and all the filters are just fun to look at.

I’ve put a couple of versions here, along with the finished painting. Interesting, don’t you agree?

the original painting
the original painting

Seabreeze4Seabreeze3Seabreeze ink outlineSeabreeze dark strokesSeabreeze2


Temptation to walk into the new store!


Friends have recently opened an elegant new lifestyle store in downtown St. Petersburg and I painted this very large diptych for their front show window to get attention from passers by.

The painting, “Temptation” is 62 x 70 inches and it’s simplicity gives a big “POW” to the window. The owners also feature more of my paintings inside the store, so if you’re local or visiting, please go to Blinds by Design at 444 Central Avenue and see this sophisticated and beautiful store featuring cutting edge home automation, blinds, shutters, furniture, art and so much more.