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“Gossip Break”: You can almost hear what they’re saying.

The large indoor market in Porto, Portugal is a strong mix of the smell of fish, fruit and flowers and the sounds of laboring and laughter. The three women featured in Gossip Break were perfect subject matter to capture the experience that day.

porto stag 1   porto stage

I started with bright colors for the underpainting, which I knew would disappear as I worked, and blocked in the shapes of the composition. In subsequent stages, I developed the darker colors to indicate the indoor setting and gave the skin a pale olive tone. Unfortunately, this diminished value changes that make a work interesting, so I created light coming in from behind the hanging meat.

The box labels and price list above the women were blown up from the original photograph on the printer, transferred onto skins of gel medium and then collaged into place.

Porto 001

Can’t you almost hear the women talking. Perhaps about a daughter who ran off with a man they don’t like, or that woman in the flower stalls who thinks she’s so superior. The image is universal, one with which we all can identify.

My two days with tv personality Tom Lynch

Picture 051

I think was the early 90’s when I religiously watched Tom Lynch’s  program (before we could record). It was my early days with watercolor and not only could this guy paint, but he was really attractive.

When I learned that he was giving a workshop in Orlando, I rounded up several other artists and we took off to spend two days painting (and fantasizing).

The workshop began with Tom’s description of his lovely wife, so I guessed that a lot of women felt the same way we did and he was making sure we packed up our fantasies and got to work.

He was a very good teacher and did not tolerate any whining or chatting. We worked.

“Fog on the River” was painted on a new type of watercolor paper that allowed the “fog” to appear with gentle brushing with a toothbrush and blotting the paper. The painting now hangs in a New York City home just off Central Park.

I don’t hear anything about Tom Lynch these days, but I hope he’s still out there doing workshops and creating a stir.

…for a Blue Lady

...for a Blue LadyI don’t paint with watercolors as much these days, but this earlier work seemed perfect to post on Fine Art America where people can order prints, canvases or greeting cards with a personalized message.

It’s so easy to find just the theme or mood you are looking for on their site and then write what you want.

Collectors are delighted to see that originals they have purchased are also available as prints for family members or as gifts, and the cards, with their paintings, reproduced are an inexpensive and quality way of using the image for invitations and thank you notes.

Take a look at

Sisters Help Us Fly

Sisters Help Us Fly   20 x 24   450.00
Sisters Help Us Fly    20 x 24    450.00

I was about 8 years old when I tried to teach my brother to fly. I put his two little 5-year-old hands through the handles of two large aluminum garbage can lids.

We were up on our garage roof which sloped down slightly from a peak in the middle and seemed perfect for a good running start. Flapping wildly would provide the lift off. So my trusting brother charged down the slope trying to make those big lids flap.

He did fly about 8 feet, straight down. That was the day he started questioning my creativity and perfect knowledge.

“Sisters Help Us Fly” is an apology.

crowsThis painting, “Crows”, was a different direction for me, the impatient, alla prima type artist.

It involved several steps of mixing, layering, scratching, drawing and painting, drying each step in between. I do like the results, in spite of the fact that, true to my nature, I skipped a couple of steps.

One nice thing about acrylics is that you can undo any mistake by just painting over it within minutes.

To see this technique used by the true master, go to >