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What if you don’t “get it”?

My favorite art blogger, writer, art collector, Michael Corbin, wrote in his latest blog  “… art isn’t and shouldn’t always be about “Pleasantville.” It shouldn’t always soothe and coddle us. It SHOULD stir and challenge us. If you didn’t scratch your head at least once during an art museum visit, either the art wasn’t doing its job or you didn’t have your eyes open. I would guess the latter. If you still don’t get it, just remember that you’re not dumb. Like emerging art … you’re a work in progress.”

I appreciate Michael’s ability to discuss art knowledgeably and without pretension in his bog, ArtBookGuy. You know he’s on your side, but he doesn’t let you off the hook if you don’t understand a painting or any work of art. He pushes you to open your mind to the endless possibilities of inspiration,  imagination and personal growth.

I like that.