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Urban Frenzy is in my ears, on my brain

Living one block from the pounding, thumping and beeping noises of a new high rise condo construction site apparently has worked its way deep into my core. It’s been going on for so long that I don’t really remember when it began. It’s stimulating in a ceaseless, annoying sort of way, knowing that another fabulous residence in my neighborhood is coming soon.

Urban Frenzy

“Urban Frenzy” must have burst out of me to capture the essence of this exciting time in my little art-centric, bayside city. It began as pure abstract, and really it still is. But I can see here the giant machinery, swinging, digging, hauling, pounding pilings and laying another strong foundation for a St. Pete lifestyle of visual and performing arts, museums, restaurants and sun-filled days.

Think of what makes a good painting when you travel


I cruised aboard a sailboat for two years in the Bahamas and western Europe. Painting proved impossible so I consciously focused on photographing subject matter for later compositions.

I learned that photographs of stunning detailed beauty such as ivy covered walls, were more beautiful if left as a photograph. Detailed realism in a painting is redundant and defeats creativity, interpretation and emotion.

I concentrated on ordinary working people going about their daily lives. The paintings which have been completed since pay tribute to their dignity, strength and simple charm.

“First Day of School” captures two young Bahamian children all dressed up in their new uniforms and eager to pose for me. Because the occasion was 12 years ago, I remembered only that I had taken the photo and wanted to paint it someday.

Now that I’ve painted it, it’s the children I remember.