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Waiting for the M: Brooklyn


Waiting for the M: Brooklyn, NY

I’m still working with the new medium of water soluble oils. This large 40 x 40 oil on canvas has a depth that would be difficult to achieve with acrylics. Not impossible, but difficult.

I’m frustrated, but will finish the oil series when the paint runs out ( maybe two more large paintings) and then try some adjustments with acrylics that will give similar results.

WS Oils are sticky, messy and, for me, not a tactile pleasure. They drag on my canvas and take the fun and surprise out of my impulsive, reactionary way of making marks, knowing that I can’t change the mark or color much until a couple of days later when the paint dries. (See me tapping my foot here).

But I believe that change helps you grow and no matter where I end up, these several months of using oils will make me a better painter.