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The animals are leaving! The animals are leaving!

This is one of the many paintings that led me along without my knowing for a while what it would be. Not wanting to waste even a bit of paint, I often use paint left on my palette from that day’s work to cover a new canvas. I work better on a painted surface than on unpainted white canvas. The colors give me a clue as to what new direction I’ll be going.

The bright, lively colors here are somewhat cartoon-like so I developed a whimsical drawing of high wire performers panicking, the performance area and safety net indicated by a wide band of gold, and circus animals leaving the center ring.

I watched a documentary on how elephants are trained and it disturbed me.

My animals are rebelling. They’re “not gonna take it anymore.”

Stage one: covering the canvas with leftover paint an adding the band of gold at bottom. At this point I had not decided where to go. Then the fanciful colors reminded me of the “bright side” of a circus.
Circus stage 1

Final stage: Whimsical drawings of animals and high wire performers seem at first to be a festive scene, but the “dark side” of the circus is driving all the animals right off the canvas.
Final stage

The Juried Art Show 2014

This year’s juried exhibit sponsored by Pat Jennings, owner of The Art Supply Store in St. Petersburg, was held at The Studio@620 again and I just want to say thanks to everybody who came out for the show. Pictured with me and my “Blue Nude” painting is friend Susan Howard who is one of the biggest collectors of my work.