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Shooting images of paintings under glass/plexi

It’s not a good idea, but it worked pretty well. In the early years of watercolor paintings, I had slides made of those that were to be entered in competition. We had no digital cameras at the time and slides were expensive, so I was frugal about which paintings rated a slide. The rest were saved as regular low-resolution photo prints.

Now that I can take my own professional quality images with a 10-mp camera, I shoot everything. But I wanted images of some of the paintings under glass that had never been added to my computer portfolio.

Using a flash created “hot spots” and glare and without the flash, everything else in the room reflected on the glass. After several tries, I came up with the idea of shooting in a dark room, blocking reflected light shapes at eye level by taping newspaper over the doorway, window, etc.

The result is not perfect and I wouldn’t offer these images for publication, but at least I have fairly decent images for my own records.

Of course, my “great idea” probably is already written up in photo instructions or artists’ suggestion boards, but I’m one of those who never reads instructions so I learn everything the hard way.

I’ve posted two examples of my attempts to shoot through glass, the female nude which shows a flash reflection, and the male nude expressionistic work that was shot in a dark room without flash, then tweaked in Photoshop Elements to increase the exposure.