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My Big Clay Day

When Marcy Person asked me if she could hold an “Arty Party” at my studio for her investment clients, of course I was delighted.

Marcy is also a beginning clay student and came up with the idea of making small plates as a personal gift for each client. That evolved into a collaboration of my painting a simple little image on each.

Figuring out the center of each dish to center the image.
Figuring out the center of each dish to center the image.

I know nothing about working with clay although it’s always been one of my favorite types of art. I scurried around to come up with some ideas for freehand painting on little clay surfaces that are about 4″ in diameter. Not as easy as it sounds. The “tooth” of the clay surface is much different from painting on canvas or paper and since I normally paint very large canvases, I had to practice a bit.

What a fun experience. The best part was meeting so many nice clay artists working in the new Clay Center of St. Petersburg, recently opened on 23rd Street South.

Our little plates won’t win any awards, for clay work or painting, but we think the party guests will appreciate these little “arty” mementos.


Cats, birds, flowers and Chinese lettering always work.



Miss Ruby is out on the town in her blue dress.

My watercolor painting, “Miss Ruby’s Blue Dress” is featured in Leslie Curran’s art gallery and frame shop, ARTicles, at 1445 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. Also shown at this time are my Cirque du Soleil and three small acrylic paintings. Stop in and see Leslie’s new gallery when you’re in the neighborhood. A Tampa artist, Sally Cahill has a show hanging there now and her work is beautiful.

Miss Ruby's Blue Dress
Miss Ruby’s Blue Dress

Why Artists’ Models Seldom Wear Clothes

People who are not artists ask me why I paint so many people in the nude. Why don’t I paint clothes on them so they can hang them on their walls?

First, the standard response: I can’t paint a person in clothes well if I don’t understand the muscle and bone structure under the clothes. And I can’t understand that structure unless I draw and paint nudes over and over again in many positions.

But the second answer is, I love painting the nude human body. There is an honesty and a vulnerable beauty to it that is incomparable. And in the studio there is an air of respect and consideration for the model.

Nudity is not erotica. For me, is an instant link with the viewer who can find in the quiet figure his or her own identity.

Male Model Resting
Male Model Resting


Apollo’s Riddle

Mythology tells that on the beautiful island of Delphi, Apollo gave advice to all who came through riddles passed on by an oracle.

“…here I am minded to make a glorious temple, an oracle for men … those of Europe and all the wave-washed isles, coming to seek oracles. And I will deliver to them all counsel that cannot fail, giving answer in my rich temple.”

This large 40 x 40 acrylic painting captures the sunbaked beauty of Greece and the mystery of the oracle Pythia, who guided pilgrims with Apollo’s riddles.

Apollo's Riddle
Apollo’s Riddle