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“Bird of Peace”…reworked two years later

I finished and signed this painting two years ago and though it attracted many viewers, most interpreted the strong shape of a cross in the work and did not want a religious iconic image on the wall. I took it out of the frame and added a more solid shape to the upper right and emphasized the bird in the box with gold foil. It’s difficult to see the lustre and vibrancy of the work due to glare off the foil, but I think it’s more effective now and not distractingBirdofPeace reworked copy. It’ll be hanging again for my next opening.

Friends in Art, Friends for Life

IMG_20130625_175821I reunited with my traveling art buddies Tuesday for an afternoon of reminiscing and laughter. We’ve done workshops in Greece, Ireland, France, Mexico, the Czech Republic and the US off and on for the past 18 years. My life and my art has been enriched by their friendships. We do have stories to tell! Carolyn Shoup, Barb LeRoux, me and Myrna Allshouse.

“Theo’s First Pose”, winner of Arches Paper Award and The Artist’s Magazine Award

After studying the dramatic work of master watercolorist Alex Powers, I was determined to paint at the easel rather on a table as is the common way of doing a watercolor. This beautiful young woman, the daughter-in-law of a friend, was the perfect subject. Theo had never posed before and chose her own pose. I tried to capture the charm of the awkward pose against the proud confidence. It will always be one of my favorite paintings. And I hope Alex himself would approve of my drips, spatters and bold contrast in the attempt to emulate him.Theocopy

Open Studio with Raymond James

My friend Mike Cohen, Vice President at Raymond James and Associates and his sidekick Cheri Youngblood really raised the bar for this open studio with catering by Parkshore Grille. Mike’s clients and my customers came through a summer solstice downpour to enjoy a fun evening of friendship, networking, fine food and new artwork.

We were so impressed with the response that Mike and I are going to plan several parties in the future to invite interior designers, one at a time, to bring their clients and their clients’ friends to reach out to the vibrant Tampa Bay area.all set for the arrival of guests IMG_20130621_195838 IMG_20130621_195753 IMG_20130621_202427