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New color on my gallery wall

new color for gallery wallI waited for five years to decide what color I wanted as a backdrop for my gallery paintings. But the wait was worth it. Dale Chihuly’s group in Washington, chose this dark charcoal for their glass exhibit in St. Pete several years ago and it almost stole the show. Temptation is an appropriate name. Paintings are going to “pop”.


I’ll be teaching a fun two-day workshop at the Morean Arts Center, June 22-23. From beginners to advanced artists, this is a fun experience in looking at ordinary, everyday objects and using them to create a lively composition from an entirely new perspective. The finished piece will use colors, shapes and values, rather than precise drawing, to bring together a work of abstract art. We’d love to have you join us.

This abstract of white flowers came from a photograph of gardenias in my back yard years ago. I thought it was more interesting than just another flower painting and the composition came together easily. This is the type of work we’ll do in the workshop.

To register, please call the Morean Arts Center for materials list and details. 727-822-7872Abstract White Flowers copy