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Paintings coming and going

I sold three large paintings this week, brought six back to the studio from a show at Eckerd College and sent seven others out to the new state-of-the-art medical diagnostic clinic in Clearwater which will rent them for several months. This is my first experience at renting and I’m delighted with the idea of a company paying ME to provide insured storage for my paintings. Now I have some free gallery space to put new paintings up. Back to the easel.

Gone are Girl With Black Dog, The Town Meeting and The Vinoy. But I have good images and have had great results with giclee prints so they will still be available from the website.

Artist’s Table Luncheon at Bella Brava restaurant

001When the Morean Arts Center asked me to participate in a series of intimate luncheons with the public as one of  “the stars of the St. Pete art scene”, was I going to say no? In the the first place, nobody had ever referred to me as a “star” and I liked the ring of it.

Seriously, the luncheon was a wonderful opportunity to see a few friends and meet new people who are interested in my work and art in general. We had a lively question and answer period and, as always, speaking to a group taught me a lot of new things about myself and my own take on life.

This new luncheon program was only recently launched by the Morean. Try to have lunch with an artist you’d like to know more about when next month’s invitations go out. All it costs is the price of your lunch and you’ll meet some interesting people who share your love of art.

Contact the Morean Arts Center at 727-822-7872 to be put on their email list for upcoming luncheons and special events and exhibits.

Another fast and furious day at the Morean Arts Center

Hang It How You Like ItFeelings and ideas have been coming quickly lately. This 48 x 24 canvas was the perfect format for using gel medium to adhere found pieces of dead palm trees that were exquisite, intricate weavings by Mother Nature onto the surface. I then painted around, over and through the three collaged organic pieces with thick strokes of earth colored paint and, at the end, added a few smaller strokes of metallic copper paint for added excitement.  I won’t sign this painting until a new owner decides which side should be up.  A well composed abstract should work in all four directions. Any suggestions on what to title this piece?