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Two paintings in one day

Untitled Abstract This vertical abstract was not signed on the front because it can be hung in any direction. They say, (whomever “they” may be) that a good abstract should work in all directions, but be best in one.  I’ve posted this in the way I think it works best. It’s 48 x 24 and was completed in two hours. I then drove to the art store and bought a 20 x 20 canvas and completed the still life with apples during the same painting session.  The force was with me yesterday.editing 3 apples008 copy

The Spotted Pony goes to market!

thespottedpony copy

This is a large painting, 30 x 48, that I “finished” just this week. Every artist knows why the word “finished” is in quotes and for those of you who don’t, we artists always have a difficult time determining when we have reached our goal of expressing whatever emotion or experience inspired the piece in the first place. Paint goes onto canvas quickly at first, as we try to capture our vision. Soon we are deep into the “zone” of watching color, shapes, feeling the strokes of the brush, enjoying just the physical act of creating.

At some point, we step back and ask ourselves “Am I still going in the right direction? Have I reached the end of the road?Where do I need to go from here? Am I finished?”

And when all questions are answered, we sign. But are we REALLY finished? Some paintings are finished long before we stop working and some can be improved, even months or years later. So I suppose my paintings are truly finished when someone buys them and takes them out of reach of my brush.

  The image of this original painting is on my website in the acrylics gallery and listed for $3,500. Giclee prints are also available and would be $650.