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A “Signature” Art Party

Sig open studio 055For  new residents, and new friends we’ve already made at Signature Place where I share a residence with my partner Ed Flanagan, I opened my studio for a private party to let us all get to know each other better and make the brand new Signature residents feel immediately a part of this vibrant, interesting community of people from all backgrounds, professions, lifestyles and cultures. The studio was buzzing with great conversation accompanied by wine and hors d’ oeuvre.

I’ve posted a few of the photos from the evening. We had about 40 people in for a couple of  hours and it was a great evening.

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New abstract acyrlic class is triggering imagination

Ronn Johnson

I began teaching an abstract acrylic class at Suntan Art Center in January and imaginations are being freed, new ideas are developing along with, hopefully, a new appreciation of abstract art.

The “Intrepid Nine” go boldly foward into the big, scary world of abstraction.

Students: Jean Hurst, Gail Falkingham, Ronn Johnson,Linda Italiano, Donna Heider, Mirella Smith, Terry Denson, Rita Gould and Pam Rubenstein.

 Suntan class view

 Gail Falkingham



Gail, Pam Rubenstein and MirellaJean HurstLinda Italiano at work

Mirella Smith


Rita Gould

Working on rice paper and canvas

Old Harbor at Honfleur, Fance
Old Harbor at Honfleur, Fance

I took a reference photo from the stern of the sailboat I lived on in Europe for two years and knew I would someday develop it into a painting.  This beautiful old town was the perfect subject for using the rice paper glued to canvas for an antique look and to add intensity and depth to the painting.


This painting is 36 x 40. I’ll do others from my Europe photo files because I think the technique works well for the look of old villages and landscapes.