What is my art style?

Every artist is asked the same question and, I suppose, for some, answers are ready.

I’ve been called an impressionist, an expressionist, a fauvist and probably a few other things behind my back.

Gallery owners tell me I need a “body of work” with continuity of style. I understand why this is necessary for them, but it doesn’t seem like much fun for me. To which “style” would I limit myself?

Luckily, I’m able to rate the fun factor high on my list and not worry much about gallery representation. People who visit my studio/gallery think several other artists are sharing the wall space with me. When I tell them it’s all my work, “You are certainly diverse” follows.

When I tag my website artwork for search engines, I use the work “impressionism” as a keyword for almost every painting because Impressionism is like Sara Lee, “nobody doesn’t like”. And some buyers aren’t quite sure how to describe work that they like or know the names of many other styles.

I learned early in my art career that painting to gallery requirements DSC0111510mpl ptg images 0051coral bells copyyupo azaleas copyflowervase would mean a lot of self discipline. That would be counter productive for me. The joy of creating is in constant evolution and change, in techniques, media, surfaces, palettes and subject matter.

I study art every day and the more I study the more inspired and inquisitive I become. To not be able to strike out in new directions, even though it means a loss of gallery representation and recognition, is a price I’ll never be willing to pay.

I’ve featured a few floral paintings here to demonstrate my wild abandon in approaching the same subject matter at different times. All were painted with the actual flowers in front of me. Even though the medium is different in some and both paper and canvas were surfaces, the diversity is something that happens in the moment. It’s inexplicable to me and makes every painting a new adventure.

What is my art style? Diverse.

2 thoughts on “What is my art style?

  1. Hi Patton
    I’m glad you feel free to learn and grow and experiment. I love all of these but I think #5 is my favorite, the one with lots of white and bold orange colors. Great blog!

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