The animals are leaving! The animals are leaving!

This is one of the many paintings that led me along without my knowing for a while what it would be. Not wanting to waste even a bit of paint, I often use paint left on my palette from that day’s work to cover a new canvas. I work better on a painted surface than on unpainted white canvas. The colors give me a clue as to what new direction I’ll be going.

The bright, lively colors here are somewhat cartoon-like so I developed a whimsical drawing of high wire performers panicking, the performance area and safety net indicated by a wide band of gold, and circus animals leaving the center ring.

I watched a documentary on how elephants are trained and it disturbed me.

My animals are rebelling. They’re “not gonna take it anymore.”

Stage one: covering the canvas with leftover paint an adding the band of gold at bottom. At this point I had not decided where to go. Then the fanciful colors reminded me of the “bright side” of a circus.
Circus stage 1

Final stage: Whimsical drawings of animals and high wire performers seem at first to be a festive scene, but the “dark side” of the circus is driving all the animals right off the canvas.
Final stage

2 thoughts on “The animals are leaving! The animals are leaving!

  1. It just toooo wonderful! And to think I was witness to this work in progress. It’s just great. XO Carol

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