Las Damas de Arte Fundraiser to support women artists.

Hooray! a red dot on my boating painting, "Together".
Hooray! a red dot on my boat painting, “Together”.


Scarfone Gallery,
Scarfone Gallery at University of Tampa

The Scarfone Gallery at University of Tampa’s campus was a glamorous venue for the annual fundraiser to support women artists. It’s one of those galleries that makes an artist feel that surely she must have “emerged” to be exhibiting there.

Red dots (sold!) started popping up on artwork and artist-made silk scarves, jewelry, clothing and unique types of fashion-wear added to the excitement of the event.

Conversations with other artists and friends was the highlight of the evening . The ladies of Las Damas are a very special group which includes not only artists but art lovers and the “movers and shakers” of Tampa who are eager to support growth of the Bay Area’s art communities. Thank you. Thank you.

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